Saturday, August 16, 2008

Coming up this week

Tomorrow I will be sharing another of my mom's many delicious recipes. Her tortellini salad has the perfect blend of herbs, veggies, and pasta, with a basic oil-and-vinegar dressing. It's always popular at family gatherings and wonderful for summer picnics, the latter being the reason I've decided to make the colorful dish this week.

The other recipe of hers I posted was for her Dijon vinaigrette. There will be many more to share via this blog in the future.

Also this week: Because I'm on an Asian food kick, I figured I should make something from my favorite Asian cuisine, Japanese! "Rice in green tea with salmon," served with "steamed aubergines in sesame sauce," will be on the menu.

Check back soon for the recipes!

Today's question: Do you have a favorite salad dressing recipe?

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jelymo said...

yes, my favorite dressing is Bloomingfood's balsamic onion vinegarette. i just don't know the recipe! it's thick, tangy, and has tons of yummy onions!