Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blog ambition

Some things I hope to make and share:

Dad's pepper steak and rosemary potatoes (pictured above)

Mom's chocolate mousse (after I lose the last 5 baby pounds...)

Mom's liver and onions --yep, you read that right

Mom's herring in sour cream with new potatoes and apples

lamb roast -- possibly a leg!

grilled pineapple and/or peaches

garlic chicken tandoori, inspired by Maharaja Palace

beef carpaccio (Kate, remember that all-you-can-eat place in Paris?? Heavenly.)

tapioca pudding (I tried to make it once and it was inedible. Yuck.)



Persian food, something with meat and saffron rice (Did you know saffron is supposed to be a mood lifter?)

carrot-rosemary scones

seared tuna

homemade pasta


Michelle's strawberry jam

cassoulet (when the weather is cold)

Japanese or Chinese hot pots

Kara's green chile pork

Things I'll be adding eventually because they are some of my favorites:


tarragon chicken soup

stuffed mushrooms

hummus (my version is packed with carrots for a nutritional boost)

Michelle's gazpacho

Kara's Asian coleslaw

I also have lots of favorite recipes from my cookbooks that I will share.


Kate said...

yes I do remember...what was it called again???

Nicole said...

I don't remember the name! I just remember it had red decor.

Kate said...

Bistro something.....

Nicole said...

It's Bistro Romain!