Monday, September 8, 2008

A quick update

I realize I haven't yet posted the recipe for the Indian potato and pea soup. I did indeed make it last week, and it was scrumptious! But, sadly, I forgot to take a photo. I still plan to get the recipe up here when I have a little more time than I do today.

I just want to update you on what to expect this week. My parents are coming to town, and I am going to take a mini break from blogging, at least for tomorrow, that is. But sometime later this week, I will post recipes for Kara's green chile pork -- a crock pot dish I've never and plan to use a slew of Anaheim peppers from my garden - -as well as a butternut squash-potato mash with fresh thyme and grilled lobster tails. That last one is going to be for my parents' anniversary. Keep your fingers crossed that those tails aren't hard to find here. (By the way, I think it's their 42nd anni!)

Check back later in the week. I won't forget to take any photos, I promise. I love recipes with photos because it helps me figure out what to do in the kitchen, so I try to make sure there are photos with my posts.

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