Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coming up this week

My friend Courtney, aka CC (short for CC DeVille -- long story), is getting married next summer! A definite cause for celebration, and a great reason to try out new recipes. I'll be helping with the food part of the wedding, so over the next several months, I'll be making some things to see how well they would work on a large (albeit tapas-style) scale, and how much the soon-to-be-married folks like them.

This week I'll be making two wedding-hopeful treats: vichyssoise, a cold leek and potato soup that my friend Jean recently made -- it was AMAZING -- and either stuffed mushroom caps or mini carrot-rosemary scones. The mushroom caps are a longtime favorite of mine; the scones just sound interesting -- and cute, to boot! CC and her beau, Mike, will be coming over to babysit Wednesday evening, and I will leave out the goodies for them at that time. Hopefully their reactions will make it here to the blog.

Also this week: I'm in a big-time soup mood -- not sure why; it's going to be 92 degrees today, yikes! I plan to make an Italian chickpea and porcini soup, as well as an Indian potato and pea soup, my husband's pick of the week.

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Cee Cee said...

You have no idea how much I love the idea of mini carrot scones!!! I'm definitely not worried about the food aspect of the wedding :)